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"My dad reached out to Sell Car for Cash and the experience was far beyond easy. We made an inquiry online, got a quote within a few minutes, accepted the offer and the next day got a call to schedule pickup. The tow company came as promised and handed a check right on the spot! Professional and customer service far beyond what we were expecting. Will use them again."
‌-Mariana K

"Anybody that is planning or wants to sell there car for cash or just wants to get rid of there car this is the place to call great customer service Great pay! I couldn’t be any happier with the customer service I received from joe! Again people I truly recommend this place! Excellent service from beginning to end!!"

-Enzo A

"Super friendly, helpful, and reliable staff. They offered me triple than what other companies were offering me for my junked car. Definitely recommend going through them. They showed up on time and followed up."

-Paula M

"I thought it was going to be a hassle to get rid of that junker but this company made it surprisingly easy. They really help you every step of the way. They even called after to make sure everything went good with the tow truck driver and that I got my full amount promised."

-Martin C

"I had a really good experience selling my 2003 Tahoe. I was offered more someplace else and these guys not only matched, but went above the other offer! The whole process took less than 45 minutes to complete and my car was picked up the same day. Within 2 hours! The tow truck driver was super nice and wrote me a check for the amount I had agreed to. Candace was also really friendly and efficient and even checked in the following day to make sure everything went smoothly. Great job!!"
‌-H Poole

"This business is amazing! They got rid of my totaled car within days of me calling them, in an amazing manner. Courtney is absolutely amazing at customer service and keeping up with everything that involved my car, she texted me updates and even called me, leaving messages keeping me updated on everything! She's amazing! This business is amazing!"

-Hayley S

"Joe & Natalie were great!! They were professional, helpful and followed through on every step of the process. Their first offer was lower than we were willing to sell our 2004 Corolla for but after working together, we received a fair offer & it was smooth sailing from there. Highly recommend this company!!"

-Vicki H

"I had exceptional service from Brielle. She guided me every step of the way. I also got a great deal on junking my totaled out car where others were low balling the price. Anyway I would not hesitate to call them again if I ever need a car junked."


"I submitted my info and within a very short time I received a call from Stephanie. She was very friendly and arranged for my car to be picked up the very next day. Overall it was a very good experience and if I had to do it again I would use the same company."

-Yvette F

"I had a great experience with this company when my 15 year old Saturn car died. It really alleviated the headache I had with trying to figure out what to do with my car. I receive an online quote followed by a text message where I sent some pics of my car then I got a quote and the I accepted the offer. I then received a call from the towing company about an hour before they showed up. I received my check and my car was towed away Free. Thanks again !"

-Margot V

LA California Car For Cash

"Had a a1 experience with this company from start to finish. Absolutely professional. I recieved a good chunk of cas for my scion 06. I tried to sell it on line but for 30 days got nothing but no shows and a huge head ache. I was searching on line for another way and stumbled on this companie. I thought ide give it a try i was skeptical because of past experiences with similar ads and promises that where too true to be real. But this time was VERY different! From the time i put my info in the questionairs to the time i recieved my check was just about 21 hours. The experience was stress free... No hassels... No lie! If you want to get the most for your vehicle without any hassels of dmv tape etc.. Stay with this one. Its the 1. Oh and i need to mention the customer support was fabulous! Thank you Carlos for everything!"
‌-Duane S

"After the first place I called and never came to pick up my car, I called these guys. They told me they could be here the same day between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Great! And that they would call me an hour before they would show up. Then they called back at noon and said they could have someone here in 20 minutes! Even better. the guy had to go get Fix-A-Flat because the tires were two flat on my car to tow, but didn't really seem to phase him at all. He was super friendly and got my car out of here within 20 minutes. And gave me a hundred bucks! while it's not a whole lot of money, it's way more than I would have expected to ever get for a 28 year old hunk of junk that was sitting there not running for 10 years. I would recommend these guys to anybody who needed to get rid of a car whether it's working or not. Thanks again."
‌-Gary S

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"Sell Cars For Cash U guys are WONDERFUL!!!! GREAT!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! People I’m glad I went with u guys to sell my car"

-K Walker

"Very accessible and helpful. They really work with you to give you any help they can. If I ever have a junk car again you know I'll be going here first."

-Schuyler G

"Super easy. Called them Tuesday night. They came Wednesday morning, cash in hand. They take care of the DMV stuff. Great service"

-J Horton

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